Monday, January 24, 2011

You should have a yard

Those words were spoken to me by Dawson of Backshed Design shortly before Christmas. He and Brad were attempting to put a ceiling on my tornado of a studio. I think the sheer amount of stuff surrounding the endeavor was giving them both a rash. Now normally I would simply flip the bird and carry on with my day, but something in that statement really resonated with me. 
I like stuff. I have never met a yard sale, tag sale, bake sale, value village or swap meet that I didn't find one or more treasures to drag home. I am a supply hoarder. In the way some folks hoard guns or tinned food, I hoard glue and fancy paper and feathers and sparkles. If end times come folks I am set. "Water, no I haven't any water - but look! I bedazzled all the gas masks and made zombie traps out of vintage handbags and peacock feathers!". 
We had moved out of the city to a smaller house to simplify our lives. And yet I came with everything, more out of lack of time to sort than love of said stuff. Now I have a smaller house, that is pushing maximum density and a basement jammed with unopened boxes. Time for a change. So, in keeping with the Viva La Revolution! theme - its radical departure of stuff time. It's an easy rule of thumb really, look at something, if I haven't used it in the last year off it is carted to the Sally Anne's. 
For inspiration I am looking to Poppytalk studio tour section. Love this blog, a daily addiction and makes me want to be artier, craftier and more creative. The other is from 
Emma at The Marion House Book. Emma's blog is my other favourite form of procrastination during work time hours. There is an impeccable simple elegance in all she does, she is the less is more to my more is more. I am not expecting a miracle, but I am hoping for a wee bit  of this to rub off on me - if I just read enough inspiring posts. 
The next week will be spent reorganizing, sorting and having some tough love moments with myself. The sparkly part of my brain is already complaining.

My studio before...
My studio shortly before Christmas...
After...stay tuned, I will post a picture after the overhaul.

Now, I have not completely taken leave of my senses. I still find treasures, but with guidelines. Whatever I bring in I must take two objects not being used or appreciated out. Some may argue that that is not really radical change, just a shifting and replacing of things, in essence providing a whole new reason to shop (husband who?). 
This however is my story and I am sticking to it. I mean we did move to a town that has no gas station but at least five antique stores right on the main drag, I am only human.

Some objects that fell into the "omgireallyneedtohavethishowhaveigonethislongwithoutit"?! category. For each item, two left. Most of these will be repurposed into an item for sale later, with the exception of the Catholic font and the boots, because obviously both are too rad to part with. Maybe the squirrel too...we shall see. Stay tuned xo.


  1. oh hunny you should sell tickets to your yard sale!

  2. let me know when this yardsale is going down...please dont let nan's stained glass cardinal be on the table ;)

  3. Make part of your studio into a little store that way you get to collect and buy for a reason! Let me know when it opens I want to buy some of those things! Or a storenvy store! Woo hoo!

  4. like your thinking ladies, yes...the plan is to sell things through my friend Jude's store right here on main st.
    em, nana's cardinal is going to put in a place of honour in the house, not to worry!

  5. I really like the squirrel. But he needs to stay in your house, by a window looking at the trees.Don't you think?

  6. agreed! or on a shelf above a bed, kinda looking he's peeping.

  7. that was an old episode of cops.