Tuesday, April 26, 2011

App lov'n

Easter weekend as seen through the lens of Paul's iPhone. Lot's of hiking, a few cocktails and a new muscle car to round out the picture. There was also too much chocolate and tantrums scary enough that I considered calling a priest, but those moments were blessedly not caught on film. Generally I don't geek out over things like iPhones and the latest and greatest technology, but damn that little gadget and it's cross processing apps make life look super cool.

Tree lov'n...

Two generations of Riss...


The third Riss...

Things started to go a bit sideways...

And then it all just went bad.


Shep xo

Georgie xo

Saturday night at the Dakota with Bradleyboy

My Easter egg, not an El Camino, but he'll do.


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