Sunday, December 11, 2011

Birthday Wishes Pt. Deux...

Four years ago, around this time I was very, very pregnant. And as a result (well of that and a lot of danish scarfing), I was very very round. So round in fact that on December 8 2007 my husband and I had a full on domestic (sans slapping) right outside of Terroni (lovely Italian restaurant in the heart of Queen West). 
I wanted lunch, I was hungry, I was always hungry...but Terroni was packed, and the tables are close together, and there were three of me stuffed into one sumo suit. I was right fighting for Hero Burger...much more room, less of a scene. Paul won and I begrudgingly wedged us into a too small seat. We did have a gorgeous lunch of wild mushroom soup and a gorgonzola pizza with shaved prosciutto topping it off. Everything was going brilliantly in fact, till I waddled to the bathroom and (of course) my water broke. 
I sat in denial for about 15 min...perhaps I was just having a really loooooooooooooonnnng pee. 
Long to short, I champed up, wrapped my coat around my waist and marched out to a full house and an alarmed looking Paul. Five hours later I was a proud Mama. It makes for a great story, and we take the kids back every year and tell it to them over a delicious meal. 
(So glad I am not celebrating every year in Hero Burger).

You guys have your daddy's taste buds, and my ridiculous sense of timing. 
(Good luck with that).
Happy Birthday my loves xo.


  1. Genius. My water broke (also pregnant with twins) in a public establishment as well. The scene of the crime, however- The Home Depot. I like your choice much better! Nice little tradition you've made for yourselves. Congrats on the 4 years. Your twins are completely adorable.