Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"Work'n Hard"?...

Or hardly work'n? 
As much as I would like to be laying on the couch right now, (taking full advantage of everyday all day kindergarden), eating chips and perhaps drinking a shandy...I'm not.
I have recently decided to go back to work. Technically I never stopped, twelve hours after my C-section I was working hard on a job for a well known chip company. I did however slow it down eventually. 
As the kids got older the odds of making deadlines lessened considerably, my desire to care about said deadlines dwindled also. I really just wanted to hang out with my little peeps and draw when I felt like it. So I left my reps and started my own line of affordable children's art. It was awesome. I loved it. I love being my own boss. I love taking time off when I want and drawing whenever. I am a kind and understanding sort of boss. "Of course take a mental health day...take three you look frigging awful. Here's twenty bucks, go get a mani and feel better soon". 
Yep, I am ideal, except... 
Except I pay myself like a third world sweat shop worker. Next to nothing. Nada. Happy and poor, thats how this lady has been rolling for the last three years. I knew this joyride would end at some point, and it seems that end is in sight. I am almost forty, my kids are in school and I have an endless amount of things I should be saving for in the future. Retirement, college (although I do plan on at least one being gifted in some sort of scholarshippy way), therapy for my kids, etc etc etc...
All of this sounds a bit more dramatic than I mean it to be. I am happy to be able to earn a living doing something I love. I will still get to go to work in my pyjama's with uncombed hair. I take lunch when I want and pee as many times as I see fit. I don't have to suffer through "team esteem building days" or mandatory staff parties with crappy cheese plates and forced awkward conversations. 
No, I just have to draw what someone else wants me to. No biggie, and I can still create for me. I will just have to take a backseat instead of the jumpseat. 

The past two weeks have been portfolio update time...dig around and find my WOW factor, see if I can't get this chick paid. I also squeaked out a few for this new pirate girl. I think she represents me over the past few years. If she had a thought bubble it would read "So long suckers". 
Back to reality...for now.