Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Right Fighter...

"This is not going to work (huff/puff/cuss), it will books". 

This was the statement grunted out by my husband as he hauled a way too heavy shelving unit up the stairs to the kids room. I am used to such skepticism from the love of my life. He  does not subscribe to my firm belief that if something is not working you just shove, push, and move it over and over again until you make the magic (that you pictured in your head) happen. Poor him.

I generally try and avoid involving him in any of my decorating/painting/sparkle shenanigans, it's just easier that way. I hate explaining myself and/or why this is the MOST brilliant idea I have ever come up with. Instead I wait until he leaves the country and proceed, business as usual. With no trip in sight however, and this monster of a piece sitting in my living room, I had no choice.

We have been married 8 years, batting my eyelashes gets me nowhere. Straight forward is the best approach. I need this done, I would love your help, but if you say no I will just find a way to do it myself. He was not onboard, but helped/herniated regardless.

So glad he did...the kids now have an amazing library to store all their lovely books. It fits waaaaay more than five, but I am not one of those "I told you so" type girls.

Once I owned a vintage shop, it did not last but this gorgeous old shelf did.

Presto change-o...

TOTALLY worth the near heart attack...
(I heart you Paul).