Friday, November 19, 2010

Like Heaven, but dustier.

I know I said the next post would take us inside the house, however, I feel the need to talk a bit about Legacy.  
We were introduced to this haven by Miss Jude, designer and purveyor of all things repurposed, vintage and hand crafted.  Her new store in Orono is loaded full of things I love, and happily she is right across the street. She also happens to be Brad's wife and Dawson's mom, so between Brad, Dawson and Jude we are well looked after in the complete home makeover department. 
Jude loaded us in her vintage rambler and we headed off down the highway in search of treasures. Legacy sells reclaimed architectural artifacts and building materials. Located in Coburg they are a designers dream.  Floor to ceiling doors, hardware, fencing, lighting fixtures, I even saw a confessional box, which sadly was out of our price range. We did however find a kitchen sink and a bathtub, in a field of bathtubs. Along with various other odds and ends that will help us restore our house to it's former glory.

My favourite Legacy score would have to be my new studio window.  Paul went through stacks and stacks of reclaimed windows and found the perfect one for me.  It lets in the most beautiful late afternoon light, absolutely makes my day.  The guys built this studio, from a dirt floored, uninsulated space in only a few days...actually makes me want to get back to working.
Happiness xo.


  1. yeah ROXUL* the insulation for people in the know

  2. I love Legacy - go there and at least once every summer. Paul found an excellent window - really beautiful.