Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mama needs a drink...

And a bath, a nap, a get the picture.
lt's been just over a month since our arrival to the country and during this time I have been pretty consistently snapping pics and/or painting, cleaning, unpacking etc. The result is a plethora of pictures, and a lack of time to post them and blog about it. 
I thought I would take advantage of these ten minutes of peace and do just that.  It was post or bathe, you're welcome, cheers
Odds and ends from the last four weeks. A few of our lovely new kitchen pieces made from BC Fir.  The pieces were taken from a deconstructed barge used in the Trent-Severn Waterway. A coffee grinder we scored at an antique store down the road, and a few of my kids, who are being very good sports about this adventure.  Although my daughter does inform me at least once a day that she "wants to go home" to which my son yells "y'ar home"!  

So folks, that mostly brings us up to date. We have made astounding progress in the past two weeks so I will put up some before and afters to amaze next go round.  
Good night all xo.


  1. All that Tongue & Groove wood came from Peacock Lumber. Nice folks in Oshawa that have great deals when you order massive amounts of wood.

  2. Can't wait to see this place in person. The kitchen looks amazing. Love all the rough wood and rustic vibe. Plus how cute is Shep in that tutu.

  3. Makes me long for reasonably priced housing, and family back east!

  4. Thanks everyone! Slowly but surely...xo