Monday, May 16, 2011

Rainy Day Crafternoon...

Some days the crafty inspiration flows round here like fresh spring water down the side of a mountain. Other days I wake up tired and have to phone it in, "here is a handful of dryer lint and some googley eyes, go nuts". 
This owl project was all net. The kids loved it, and I felt rather pleased with it myself. A great project for a rainy Monday...DIY stuffed owls.

Grab some heavy duty material. I get large chunks of unbleached cotton from 
Designer Fabric Outlet, but have recently discovered you can get this type of material at most hardware stores in the paint section. It will come all wrapped up pretty, disguised as painters drop cloths. You want to paint on whatever material you can come up with so make sure it is a lighter colour, pattern free helps. 

Draw out your animal w a sharpie and hand it over. We used regular old acrylic paints, but fabric paints would work too.

Shep is all about total coverage...a painting frenzy really.

George is much more meticulous...

Owl pattern is barely visible, check - hang to dry...

When all the paint has dried, stitch (hand or machine) owl to another piece of fabric - making sure you leave a space along the seam big enough for a little fist full of stuffing to fit. Trim excess material around owl and you are ready to stuff...

Much like any glitter project, this stuffing will get everywhere in your house. These owls took double the amount of time because my kids kept stuffing and un-stuffing each one.

When all the nooks and crannies are filled up, stitch closed the opening.  
And there you have it - your very own hand made stuffed owls...

Can I get a "Hoot Hoot"?! xo


  1. Super cute!..I may not be a kid anymore but I still love to do many of the same fun things, lol..



  2. thank you lorena! they are the perfect excuse to colour, cut and paste...all the fun stuff!

  3. Can I drop my kid off at your house? I fear he is being short changed on his childhood.