Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Little Like the Shining...

That's how things are starting to feel round these here parts. Cooped up and sick of the cold, everything is grey, both kids are bananas...red rum, red rum. And I know I am not alone in this one, everyone it seems is down in the dumps. What's a Mama to do? Well people, put down the axe and grab some sparkles. A few tricks we have tried around here to snap us out of it...

Sparkle birds...bring spring inside with your very own fancy dance birds on sticks.

Find some bird clip-art online, print out your favourites. We went with black and white, but colour would work as well as birds cut out of magazines. 

Spray glue, one of my very favourite things on earth, is super helpful in this project. Use that or regular glue to paste birds to card stock, cut out around bird shape.

Grab some glitter, white glue and markers. I keep chunky sparkles for the kids to use, much easier to clean up. The finer sparkles, the ones from Martha that cost about a kidney, I keep to myself.

Let 'er rip...

Grab some of those take-out chop sticks (I know everyone has stuffed in a kitchen junk drawer), and tape to the backside of your bird. Heavier tape works better.

Voila! Your very own flock of tropical birds. WARNING: keep a close eye on the sparkle distribution or your house will soon look like two three year olds held a rave there. I think it adds a fun and jaunty quality to the cat and dog. My husband however, disagrees.

Next good thing to keep on hand for sanity's sake...a dress up box. I made this one a year and a half ago, but it is only this winter that my kids are actually into it. Well...my son is into it, my daughter likes to direct what others wear, but will not commit to looking silly herself.
I got most of these costumes and funny hats at Value Village around Halloween. That place rocks for fun and affordable play outfits.

And last but not least, just go with it. Get outside, enjoy the season for what it is. Spring will be here soon enough friends. Back away from the axe. Deep crisp breaths... 



  1. Sparkles and dress up my favorite things

  2. anything goes better with sparkles in our world...and my sanity saver when I hear the bottle calling is building a fort in the living room complete with a camp out and pick nick.

  3. Ahhhh, Super 77 Spray Glue. The overspray is probably the only thing holding our previous house together. Sorry Tom. And Rach, sparkles on the dog I don't care about. Sparkles in my beer is another thing entirely.

  4. thanks all! paul - sparkles add a fun and jaunty quality to your insides...go w it. xo

  5. drinking sparkles also make your poop twinkle at you from deep in the toilet. and that scares me a bit.