Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It also comes in chocolate...

Just a quickie today folks. Yesterday was my Mom's birthday and she and my Father drove up to share the day with us here in Orono. I decided to try out the cake in a bowl idea I did a few weeks ago, this time in black forest flavour. I have to say, cake in a bowl is genius. You could crumble any type of cake and or filling into a glass bowl and have an edible work of art. It really takes the pressure off of icing a cake - which is great as I am a calamity when it comes to tasks that require a delicate hand . It would take a really concentrated effort to mess this idea up, it is fool proof.
So, I present Black Forest Gateau with whiskey soaked cherries and chocolate ganache filling. 

Happy Birthday Mama! xo


  1. Happy Birthday to your Mom! I think of her often about the wonderful things you told me about her.