Thursday, March 31, 2011

Blog on Blog Lov'n...

Since starting this blog I have admittedly become a bit of a blog addict. Prior to The Stay Lucky I would browse other blogs every few days or so, I really had no idea of how much cool, unique and completely inspiring stuff was out there. Being an all or nothing kinda girl I really have had to ration my time. Like cake, or a good bottle of wine I have to consciously browse other blogs - make sure I am making the best use of my limited free time while online. Otherwise I wake up in a heap on the studio floor covered in cake crumbs and red wine teeth having spent five precious evening hours lost in other peoples "10 things to do with an empty tin can" posts. Not pretty.
The Marion House Book is a blog that has kept my attention from it's beginning. Always inspiring, flawless design and style, it really is time well spent. Emma the creator of MHB is also a delight, she has crafted a blog that makes you feel at home, in her home. Her regular post "Hello Neighbour" is a very popular one. She gives you a peek into other peoples homes that live in her neighbourhood in downtown Toronto. We were fortunate enough to be one of those neighbours a year or so ago, before we pulled up stakes and hauled it to the country. 
When Emma suggested a trip out to Orono for a little "Hello Neighbour"/country cousin sort of post I was thrilled. And stressed. We were done, mostly. Just a little lipstick and rouge left to do...and wallpapering, and trimming, and staining, and door hanging, and, and, and. Luckily I work best under a deadline. So, we rolled up our sleeves and got busy. Most of it got done in time. Any stress I felt about what did not was smoothed away with a lovely meal cooked by Emma and Kristen (also a friend and the "Hello Neighbour" shooter), a few bottles of wine and a big ass piece of cake. Thank you ladies!
To see our country house view the newest "Hello Neighbour" post here. Really my house never looks more lovely or clean than on this blog (in my head that is the house I actually live in).

A couple of shots I took that weekend...

A walk in the woods after the photo shoot. Kristen being the best sport, sliding with my kids.

Bird watching with Paul...

Lastly I would like to give a blog shout out to Dawson Campbell and his new venture RELIK.
Dawson (as many of you already know) is one half of the brilliance that is Backshed Design. The guys that have been at the house from day one, taking it from a rubble filled shell to the home it is today. Dawson builds much of my furniture, and I have yet to make a request that stumps him. He and his sawmill recently moved to a gorgeous property just outside of town. He has set up shop in a barn, and will be making beautiful furniture full time. He also does interiors, exteriors, he will come to your property and mill your very own trees for you...full meal deal. You can view his work and contact him through RELIK

Time to share the wealth I guess, it would be rude to keep it all to myself. xo

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