Monday, October 24, 2011

All Hallows Preview...

Georgie and Shep attended a Halloween themed birthday party this past weekend. By Friday I was only halfway done their costumes (both kids having changed their mind mid stitch)..."but Mama, I wanted to be a PINK mermaid". 
I was also madly prepping for the Sunday's Child Grand Opening the next day and working on a Halloween party I have planned for their class this coming weekend. Not room for a thin mint on this plate. I had to pull some costumes out of my creative behind and fast. Since Shep could not actually decide on one theme we did a combo... zombie / skeleton / pirate (of course). For George I fired up the glue gun and finished a tutu I had started last year...shazam, a fairy. Not bad for last minute...

Must go finish the pink mermaid and the bat / spider / zombie costumes for this weekend.
Scary dreams xo


  1. I am working on another mermaid and a crane (the machine, not the bird!) down here. Like every night between now and Sunday. You are a nicer mom than I am--I told Floyd and Lois they are no longer allowed to change their mind!

  2. I may have tougher rules next year Lesley...Shep is on his third costume choice, although it was one I had in the dress-up box. I am admittedly wiped out after this All-Hallows season, I will have a rest in November and store up some energy for the Christmas madness!
    Happy Halloween!