Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hope in one hand...

If you want to make the Universe chuckle, make a plan. I believe that is a line from last years birthday blog post I did for the kids. Being born on December 8th puts them at the start of the Holiday season and smack dab in the middle of flu season. This year I thought I would outsmart the Universe and throw a big Halloween party for them instead. A dress up costume party with spooky treats and a pumpkin pinata. I wanted to invite their whole class, plus extras - which is way too many for our little house, so I booked the Orono Town Hall. It is lovely and super affordable - and way more endurable than my place. I happily sent out the invites and started on the decorations and costumes.
What I did not take into account is that this is Georgia and Sheps first year of school. Which means apparently the flu can happen anytime, anywhere. Georgie woke up sick the Monday before, and was ill for a few days, Shep seemed fine. Figuring it was just a matter of time I started DIYing as fast as my glue gun would work. I started making a floor plan just in case (no - don't even say it!) I woke up sick on the 30th. I would have to hand over the whole sparkly mess to Paul with some schematics scribbled on a napkin and hope for the best.
We woke up Sunday morning all of us feeling like champs. I imagine I owe some sort of penance to someone, but I've got a tab going so it all works out.
I had a lot of help getting the place together, people brought snacks, my sister brought 145 meatball sliders, Michelle from Triple Sweet brought 50 spooky cupcakes - I was covered. The party was a hit, and everyone had a great time. Well, it started to go sideways at the end, but by then the sugar had all kicked in and it was every man for himself. 

Off to nurse my chocolate hangover. Until next year Happy Halloween xo


  1. Amazing, what a great idea! Party planner extraordinaire...is there anything you CAN'T do??

  2. Derek in the background just holding wiener Harlow is the best.

  3. Thanks Cheryl xo
    Yup, the hotdog and hamburger babies were champs for sure..sorry we missed you xo

  4. Such a good time and beautifully executed! I take my fireman's hat off to you.