Monday, March 19, 2012

Fierce Love...

As many of you know, I recently styled an Easter photo shoot out here at the house for Today's Parent. After much anticipation I finally got to see the finished product and it is lovely (house looks clean...bonus). It was a great experience and I was super stoked to be a part of it. Not sure if I am ready to shuffle my kids around to photo shoots, but it was fun to do it in our own space. You can get a copy of the April issue of Today's Parent on newsstands now.
I would be remiss if I didn't point out an oversight in the credit area. It seems the amazing Fierce Bunny I gave Georgia for Christmas made her way into a shot and the artist, Sonja Ahlers, was not credited. 
I was lucky enough to come across Sonja and her booth at the One Of A Kind Show this past Christmas. A wall of delicate bunnies stood before me and I was sunk, I had to have one. Each is stitched from carefully chosen vintage sweaters, some with little adornments (feather headband - what?!) or hand dyed. Each one a peaceful, perfect delight. Her bunnies are sought after and appear in magazines and videos worldwide (most famously Bella's bedroom in Twilight).
It took forever but I finally chose one to take home. Georgia of course wanted it immediately, and I (of course) relented. With the strict rule that we admire this bunny. It is art - not something we throw into the barbie / transformer mosh pit that happens around here on a daily basis (and maybe she lives in Mama's room until you arrive at a less grubby age). 
So go check out Sonja's work ( Get your own lovely Fierce Bunny (she has beautiful books as well). Her work is gorgeous and she deserves credit for it.
Thank you to Rachelle from Hawk Eyes  for bringing this oversight to my attention. You can also find Fierce Bunny at her store (at 103 Roncesvalles Ave.) in Toronto.

Our Fierce Bunny, who Georgia has named "Sparkle Diamond". 
(Sorry for that as well).


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