Monday, March 26, 2012

Idle Hands...

Got ten free minutes? 
Perhaps ten minutes that you really should be doing something else, but procrastination has set in full force and you have spent the morning cruising design blogs like the junkie you are (and you happen to come across this awesome tutorial on 
hand dyed curtains). AND it just so happens you have two rather long unbleached curtains begging for a bit of lipstick and rouge...well sister, I say do it!
But - what if you only can scrounge up one box of red dye, which may make your entryway look like a stone cold bludgeoning occurred recently? You improvise of course.

A peek inside my brain on any given day...

"We only have red dye"
"That will look weird"
"Should we drive to Michael's and pick up some more"?
"Don't be crazy, you have work to do"
"Well what then? Give up"?
"Think dummy"
"We have all that left over pink food colouring from Valentine's Day"
"Will food colouring dye fabric? It is obviously not the same product or the FDA wouldn't let us eat it"
"A big part of DIY is improvising, thinking fast on your feet...I believe this is genius"
"What if it doesn't work"?
"How wrong could it go"?

About fifty percent of the time it goes horribly wrong. This time the crazy half of the brain was onto something and it all turned out ok. It's kind of fun and springlike.
Hurray for crazy!


  1. I've been wanting to do this!! does the food colouring set or will it like come out in the wash?

  2. that will have to be a "keep you posted" guess is it will fade, my plan is to not get them dirty. it!

  3. ps. it was brilliant, until, i re-hung the curtain in a window and it got rained food colouring dyed floor for the win.