Friday, April 6, 2012

11th Hour Easter...

Just in case you were sitting around thinking "I have all these sticks and feathers laying about, what on Earth should I do with them"?, a quick Easter tutorial for you...

Easter Nest Centrepiece

You will need:

1. A grapevine wreath. Buy (or dig out of the Holiday box in the basement) a wreath in whatever size you want the centrepiece to be. This will serve as the base of your nest.

2. A bunch of curly willow. Most florists carry this item, I got mine at Michael's.

3. Nature-y extras...leaves, dried flowers, etc. If you are super on the ball you can gather these items from your own backyard. If you are me you will go to Michael's.

3. Feathers. I picked up a bunch of feather masks this past Halloween at the Dollarama (super easy to disassemble). 

Break off sections of the willow and wind them around the wreath, weaving the sticks in and out. Secure the ends with bits of wire.

Hot glue a card board base to the bottom of the nest (this will serve as a base for the moss layer).

Add a moss layer. The moss is a great cushion for nestling your coloured eggs in.
Yes, you can purchase a bag. Crazy times we live in.

Hot glue your extras (butterflies, flowers and such) in and around the nest. I tried to tuck stuff on different levels, this will give your nest depth.
Warning, hot glue and twigs can be a deadly combination for fingers (a lot of dripping).

Place your freshly coloured eggs in the centre and it is ready to sit in the middle of your Easter Sunday brunch table. I put ours on a cake stand to give it a bit more SHAZAM factor.

This can also work as a general centrepiece. Tuck in flowers, or vintage toys and make an interesting vignette long after all the eggs have been eaten. Or, turn it into a light fixture...Happy Easter!

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