Monday, April 16, 2012

Ring Ring...

I am not sure how much money is spent yearly on defence weapons in North America, but I do know it is a totally unnecessary expense. A great cost saving idea would be to simply get groups of kindergarteners to lick envelopes and/or cough into baggies. Everyone will be too busy laying on the couch in a NyQuil daze covered in balls of boogery kleenex to fight one another. You're welcome government. 
We (I) have been feeling a little afflicted up in here as of late. Each kid with an ear infection and myself blessed with bronchitis AND a good times "random "audit. There has been more than one morning that I find myself yelling at the ceiling "ARE YOU FRIGGING KIDDING ME"?!
Apparently not.
There are no real sick days allowed at this job, so some weeks you just phone it in. It helps to have some fast but awesome crafts up your sleeve and frozen cookie dough in the fridge.

First up - Pom Pom Lei

So easy I did it in a prone position on the couch. These pom pom's came in a craft tub, but I am sure you can get them at any craft store or Dollarama. Or, if you are healthy and adventurous make your own.

With a darning needle and a length of cross stitch thread I simply threaded the pom pom's through. Georgia is too little to wield a needle, so she sat and sorted her favourites out and decided on her pattern. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Next up is sugar cookies. If you need to buy some down time it comes in handy to have something fun to eat to throw your kids way. We recently got some wicked Star Wars cookie presses. These were a gift, but I believe they are available at Williams-Sonoma. They are easy for kids to use and super sturdy.

Pre-made cookie dough is a brilliant idea. It also really helps (if you are me and your skills are questionable at best in the baking department) to have a friend that will make dough for you. Thank you Michelle.

Yup, Storm Troopers with pink sprinkles, that's how we roll.

Blessedly we are on the mend and the audit is (mostly) done. I will take this time to cram as much in before the next germ tornado hits. There is after all two more months of school left...stay healthy. xo