Friday, September 14, 2012

Blog on Blog Lov'n...

Hey all, I was super happy to wake up this morning and find shots of our little house hanging out at the Marion House Book blog. Emma and family (brand spanking new baby included) came on out to take in the Orono Fair. It was a day that included great friends, an alarming amount of bacon, a smash up derby and deep fried butter. 
Food coma aside, a brilliant day.

I also happily guest posted on the Marion House Book last week about the 10 things I have (sorta) learned thus far being a Mama...some real pearls of wisdom there folks - check it out!  

I will leave you with some shots of the kids in their back to school finery. They started Sk this year and I was rather sad to see them head back (I love hanging out with these hooligans). I am now however drunk on freedom and possibilities. Hic.

Miss Georgia


Walking with Daddy.

Ready to rock SK...xo!

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