Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween wrap up...

To me the day after Halloween is a little like boxing day. The glow of the occasion still lingers (along with a vague sense of sadness that another one has come and gone and the less than vague shame spiral that goes hand in hand with too much sugar). 

This was a great one. Awesome crafts, our costumes turned out (even Georgia's 11th hour change of mind), and we only cried a little at bedtime last night after the inevitable sugar crash...sniff.

Glitter played its usual starring role...


My Frida headpiece...

Georgia butterfly xo

Old Skool Batman. 

Until next year! 


  1. your house and the little ones look so great. plus, the frida kahlo headpiece stopped me in my tracks. I am spellbound.

  2. thank you!
    the Frida headpiece was the longest labour of love - it is actually 4 wigs cut up and frankenFrida'd together...heavy, but effective:) xo

  3. I decided last minute to hand out candies as Frida and it was fun. I'll send you a pic and please send me one of yours too. Love the kids costumes!