Friday, February 18, 2011

Big Country Weekend...

I meant for this post to happen Monday, but along came Valentine's Day hogging all the spotlight and well, it got shoved back a few days.
This past weekend was a busy one. It started on Friday with me getting - finally - my G1. I always meant to get it, I even bought a few cars thinking that would get me off my behind to do it. I obviously underestimated the tenacity of my behind. It took a move to the country to finally force the issue. I have been feeling a little stuck since our move out here, and I hate relying on others. So, I got my beginners and a year from now I should be bombing down a highway near you. Duck.

Next up was the opening of Judeful's Vagabond Cabaret here in Orono. Miss Jude sells treasures of all kinds. Clothing, jewellery, hand crafted wonders from local artists - and great coffee. She officially opened in November, but wanted to have a celebration close to Valentine's Day. 

Some shots of her wares...

Big sexy dresser by Dawson of Backshed Design (soon there will be a similar looking Big Sexy Linen Cupboard in my bathroon - woohoo!). Cutie patootie needlepoint by Alessia Churcher of Vintage Ramble and Six Dollars. Lola, the cutest dog ever, and cupcakes by yours truly.  The cream cheese icing was a big hit. I have been asked to post the recipe, which is quite possibly the easiest thing ever to make (hard to go wrong with sugar and butter). I alter this recipe slightly by adding a drop or two of lemon extract - compliments the double chocolate nicely.

Next up - Tattoo Saturday. Both my husband and I have work done by Pete Commanda, who was kind enough to make a rather far away house call. Pete has been working on various pieces on my person for almost two years. Someday, fingers crossed, I will be all coloured in. This time he worked on my field of poppies. It hurt, but luckily I had my old friend champagne in the jump seat assisting.

We finished up the weekend with a visit to our two new nieces Hannah and Harlow. Yup, my sister Jenna had twins too. We really are a multi-tasking type of family. These lovelies arrived a month ago and they are absolutely delightful! Makes me (almost) miss this age. Luckily I have a vivid memory bank and the first three months with Georgia and Shepard is still strong. Jen and Drew are handling it like champs (with a little help from my Mama). 
Go team Riordan Fowlie!

Miss Hannah...

Miss Harlow...


This weekend I am back in the city and may even throw on a pair of roller skates for the first time since October. Duck. xo


  1. Hi Rachel! Hope you don't mind, I totally poached the picture you posted of Missy's one of the best I have of her!!
    See you soon,

  2. You forgot to mention that you wonderful husband used his good arm to whip that icing into the wee hours. and i had fun doing it BTW.

  3. I love your eye, you take great pics.

  4. deb - no problem, i can send you the high rez version if you like, she is adorable!
    thanks emily and pam:)
    and yes, thank you to my hubby for whipping icing till 1am friday night, you are a champ...xo

  5. looking forward to checkin out judeful's this time around (we missed it last time). also nice to see lucy all dolled up!

  6. me too emma i rarely leave without a treasure...actually i just got a red wool pillow there that might be up your alley. that is Lola actually - although i am sure lucy would take the compliment. Lola is a little younger than my old girl.

  7. Congratulations on your G-1 Rachel. OO la la that shop looks lovely. I'll have to get up there. Sharon

  8. Ugh, cupcakes and adorable infants in one post! Glad Emma pointed me in your direction. Great blog!