Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Getter did...

We are in the home stretch of renovations out here in Orono. There are now walls, almost all of the ceilings and even lighting. There has been an amazing amount accomplished in three months, but a bare bulb just does not get any prettier over time so the push is on this week and next to finish any major projects. The loft overlooking the kitchen, a shower (three months of baths only is beginning to wear a bit). There are a few I type this I cannot feel any of my fingers and am one shiver away from starting a hobo's trash can fire beside me as I work. Perhaps figuring out a better heating system in my studio is also in order. 
Then, its all lipstick and rouge stuff, cake as it were.
It has been awhile since I posted pics of what we are doing, so I thought I would give you a little sneak peek at some of my favourite things in the house so far.

A bedroom door (finally!), the lovely claw foot tub I chose over a walk-in closet for my bedroom, gorgeous art from All The Luck In The World, my studio door, vintage coat rack from Russia, Zen jewellery holder, the beautiful view out my bedroom window, lovely chair from Judeful's Vagabond Cabaret, Brad and Dawson from Backshed Design putting up the most gorgeous "supporting" beam in the dining room...yes men wielding axes and chainsaws is how we roll out here, reclaimed tin ceiling for the dining room, and finally a new ceiling for the kitchen/loft area.

I will do another picture update in a few weeks. Hopefully I will be thawed out and surveying my kingdom from a fully finished loft space. xo


  1. Fabulous!! So great seeing you last week:)

  2. Oh Rachel it is so beautiful! What if you bought one of those little portable fireplaces and put it near you. I had a cute on in the shop and it warmed my feet on cold days.

  3. Looks so good. Can't wait to see it in a few weeks.

  4. thanks all!
    yes sharon thats what i have been thinking about - i also think it helps with the creativity having a nice fire near you know, not in a garbage can...xo

  5. Lots and lots of lovely touches....your vision is really shaping up. I am sending you a link to my blog,

    it is not a polished as yours and I primarily use it to keep in touch with fam and to upload alot of pictures quickly. It will give you a little glimpse into what Darren has been up to.

    Keep your eye on your tin ceiling I am very, very tempted to come down there and "reclaim" it