Monday, February 14, 2011

I heart Love...

Happy Valentine's Day friends. I know, I know...Valentine's Day is a holiday exploited by the greeting card and floral companies. One that preys on peoples guilt and makes us all buy stuff we don't need. High pressure love.
Blah, blah, blah...big fat whatever.
I love it. I love it all. The sappy cards, over priced flowers, foil wrapped chocolate hearts - that Lord knows no one needs to gobble so soon after the season of gluttony that is Christmas. All things shades of pink and red. Loooooooooovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeee it.
This being said, I see no reason why you can't have fun with it. I am a smattering of romantic, sprinkled over a large heaping bowl of cynic. Once, when playing a "what kind of animal are you" game at a restaurant I worked at, I was referred to as a "porcupine filled with jam"...prickly outside, gooey centre. Best description of me to date. 
So, when a holiday like Valentine's Day comes around, I try to please both sides. 

Firstly - vintage Valentines from my Mama...xo

Next up a brilliant Valentine I bought for my hubby from owlyshadowpuppets. An amazing shop on Etsy that specializes in the most intricate shadow puppets and fancy cutout items. Not only was the Valentine itself grand, it came in the cutest velum bag. In the package were two tiny shadow puppet pieces, thrown in just for funsies - delightful! Go check this store out - totally worth your while.

Along with this I gave Paul a poster designed by moi. Now, I cannot take all the credit...a friend came up with the sentiment itself and graciously passed it on to me. I just purdied it up. And before anyone gets their knickers in a twist, I have no real desire to punch my husband, and we certainly made it through today teeth intact. But as many of you know - and if you don't you should - marriage is a complex thing. Your eyes may light up when the love of your life walks in a room, and literally minutes later you are thinking "Dear Lord would I love to hit you hard with a Nerf bat". Right? Right? C'mon...I know it's not just me. 
Passion, it keeps a marriage fresh. Luckily I have a husband who appreciates design, and has a great sense of humour, he loved both my choices.

Lastly, a Valentine's song by the Black Keys for everyone to enjoy. This song is a favourite this week, and I send it out to my betterish half Pauly. I love your face. xo


  1. Awww, that's sweet dear. I want to punch you sometimes too. But not in the face because people will see the marks. ;-)

    And everyone reading this should know I never bought the love of my life "fresh cut flower" for Valentine's Day because it's depressing to watch the symbol of our undying love wither and rot within a few short days. So fellas, buy your lady a live plant and nurture it.

    I love you Rachel.

  2. I thought every Friday was flower day in Orno?
    Tom N.

  3. sadly tom, it lost its surprise factor. i think we are moving into precious stone day every friday in orono...or pack of gum, i can't remember which.

  4. Also! I would like to out the dude who brought me "I would LOVE to punch YOUR FACE"...Mr. Clay Stang...a friend and super talented photographer.
    thanks clay!

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