Sunday, August 28, 2011

Baby Got Fade...

Shep got his first real haircut this past weekend. I say real - he has had others (mostly by me) but this was his first ever cut with an intended style (and one that didn't involve a soup bowl on his head). It was also his first ever trip to the Crow's Nest Barber Shop, where his daddy gets his hair did. The fade is Paul's usual look, his pre documentary look. The current mohawk he sports will stay put for a few more months, at least until shooting for his Punk Rock Big Year finishes up. Paul looks good no matter what - but yes, I am starting to miss the fade. 
Shep starts JK in a few weeks so this was the perfect time for him to shed some of his baby curls. That does bum a Mama out a bit - however I have enough stashes of that boys hair to knit a jaunty fall sweater so I figured it was time. 
(Next weeks craft project perhaps).
He was nervous at first, but with Georgia standing guard he climbed on up into the barber's chair and toughed it out. Big thanks to Jonathon at the Crow's Nest for such a great cut and making him feel at ease. When it was all done he gave Shep a little comb to carry around and Shep in turn spent the day slicking back his new do like a champ. 
Drink this in ladies...



  1. This is too much cute for me to handle! Boy suits a fade...

  2. Thanks for the compliment dear but now that Shep is here, dad pales in comparison. I am looking forward to getting my fade back though.

  3. thanks alessia! i completely agree he is a star...

  4. Hes so cute! little boy from the fifties..
    Ive miss some post, but is so good to see so much brillant colours and happiness.
    love the birds portrait!