Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Love the Love: Mick and Zenon...

I adore weddings. I would attend one a month if invited. I love everything about witnessing someones special day. Heartfelt toasts, drunken relatives...open bar - you get the gist. Mostly I love being there for that one shining day when it's all about love, everyones dressed nice (and there's cake). Coincidentally I would get married once a year - to my current husband of course - but with different themes and colour choices. 
His resounding "HELLS NO"! leads me to believe he feels a bit differently.
Needless to say when my sister Jenna and I received an invite in the post for Zenon and Mick's big weekend in Lake Louise we immediately high fived and booked our flights. Jenna had twins of her own this past January (yup - very efficient family), so yes - we each really (really) needed a vacation.
And an open bar.
Zenon met Mick when he moved to Australia a few years back, and while we were sad to lose him, we were thrilled he had met"the one". 
The wedding weekend took place at the gorgeous Chateau Lake Louise. We stayed for three brilliant days, and although neither of us got any much needed rest, we both had a blast. There were friends and relatives from both Canada and Australia in attendance to help celebrate with the boys, and celebrate we did. 
The wedding day itself was easy going and filled with laughter. If Zenon and Mick can keep that formula going throughout their lives they should be golden.

Looking out of the honeymoon suite...

The Grooms...

The gorgeous wedding party...

My gorgeous sister...

Lot's and lots of laughs...

Gotta love the love...a lifetime of happiness to you both xo


  1. This is one wedding I wish I could've gone to. I don't know Mick well, but I know Zenon very well and if he thinks Mick is the shit, he is. Zenon and I share our view of people. We find the same ones to be worth the time it takes to know them. Like Rachel and Jenna. I wish you two fellas all the best.

    As for most weddings, yuk. Dear, you can marry a different dude/chick every year if you like just for the extravaganza of it all, but I get your heart. And I'll murder anyone that tries to take it from me.

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