Thursday, December 6, 2012

Customize Me!

So as some of you know I earn my actual living by drawing pictures. I draw stuff for other people, companies, musicians, and sometimes for myself. When I had the kids and my free time turned into no time I took a break from advertising and started my own thing.  Thrasher&Wren began about 3 years ago with a few alphabet posters and I now have about 35 different prints available. 
I get asked a lot to do custom work, particularly involving kids names, and while I am always more than happy to oblige, custom work can take more time and money than some people have budgeted for. 

Well, there is now an online option available - Customizable Pirates - woohoo!

I am a bit pirate obsessed and routinely try to convince my daughter that yes, it's fine to pretend to be a princess, but WAY cooler to be a pirate princess (her jury is still out on that one).

I have a boy pirate hanging out with a giant octopus and a girl pirate setting sail with a boat load of cuddly ruffians. There are two colour way options for each, and the name of the ship can be changed to suit each order. 

They are now available in the online shop in time for the Holidays! Yarrrrrrrrrrrrr!


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