Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dessert First...

There is a saying or a thought that one should "eat dessert first". 
I would (if my behind allowed) eat dessert only, for each course. The only thing better than cake, is surprise cake. On our anniversary this year neither Paul nor I could remember how long we had been married, and argued over the year it actually took place. Both of us were sober, so I can only conclude that our time together has been so blissful it has just blended into one long happy day, or the kids have robbed us both of our longterm memory. Either way we were super surprised and touched when my friend Michelle (of the makes me cookie dough because I am baking challenged fame) showed up at soccer practice toting a cake she had made covered in my favourite flowers (done in our wedding colours no less)...How amazing is that? 

8 years worth of amazing...

Thank you Mich!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Really, it's not's me...

If you were looking to find my head over the past two months dollars to doughnuts you would have been looking at the wrong end, I have been an all-consumed and busy lady.

A few posts back I announced my return to the illustration world and called on the employment spirits to feel free to drop some work my way. Well they answered immediately (upside), and wrapped me in projects that left little time to remember pants let alone this blog (downside). I found whenever I would manage a bit of time to sit and write everything was a jumbley mess, so I cut myself some slack and took a break.

There is light on the horizon in the form of free time finally, so I will grab it and use it while I can. My kids just finished their first full year of JK in June and are now home all day everyday looking at me with a "now what" expression...gotta up my game craft wise. 

A promising start...

Accessories for a pirate birthday party...Yarrr
(yup, I just said yarrr).

I turned one half of the front porch into an art studio of their very own. I have had to threaten to shut it down twice due to general misuse of sparkles and a slap fight.

But when they're good they're very good...

Dragon puppet!

Princess puppet!

The other half of the porch I turned into a space for Paul and I to hang out, read books, enjoy the rain and generally avoid mosquitos. 

I fell asleep laying here reading the other day, which was lovely but can get weird living right on Main Street. Drooling in the mid-day sun is the perfect way to get a reputation as a boozer in a small town.
Happy Summer! (hic)