Wednesday, December 26, 2012

And to all a Goodnight...

It has been a rather crazy month. The usual seasonal plagues descended upon us with gusto and I was blessed with a "random" (bah-loney) right before Christmas business audit.This craptastic combo has taken it's toll on my stamina and tried it's best to dampen my spirits. 
Despite these one two punches, or perhaps because of them, I have been filled with a steely determination to rise above and make a festive season for all - or at least go down swinging trying. Dramatic yes, (I may be on A LOT of flu medication and a bit of bubbly). It is my j.o.b as Mama to instil Holiday traditions and bring the magic for my kids...even when I just feel like adding a bit of eggnog to my rum and pulling the covers over my head till 2013. 

I hope each and every one of you are healthy and warm and surrounded by folks you love and that love you back. Happy Christmas!


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Customize Me!

So as some of you know I earn my actual living by drawing pictures. I draw stuff for other people, companies, musicians, and sometimes for myself. When I had the kids and my free time turned into no time I took a break from advertising and started my own thing.  Thrasher&Wren began about 3 years ago with a few alphabet posters and I now have about 35 different prints available. 
I get asked a lot to do custom work, particularly involving kids names, and while I am always more than happy to oblige, custom work can take more time and money than some people have budgeted for. 

Well, there is now an online option available - Customizable Pirates - woohoo!

I am a bit pirate obsessed and routinely try to convince my daughter that yes, it's fine to pretend to be a princess, but WAY cooler to be a pirate princess (her jury is still out on that one).

I have a boy pirate hanging out with a giant octopus and a girl pirate setting sail with a boat load of cuddly ruffians. There are two colour way options for each, and the name of the ship can be changed to suit each order. 

They are now available in the online shop in time for the Holidays! Yarrrrrrrrrrrrr!


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Not Divorced Yet...

I posted a photograph of an 8ft pink velvet couch a few weeks ago. A pink velvet couch that I bought on the sly. Not lying to anyone exactly, I just didn't call Paul and ask if he thought it was a good idea. I have been married long enough to know the answer to that would have been a loud "Hells-to-the-No"! 
Who needs that kind of dream crushing action? Not this girl.
So, I bought it and arranged to have it delivered mid-week (on a day I knew he would be home late). This gave me a small window of time in which to find a home for this beauty. A home that was not forced, it had to look like it had been here forever or I would not hear the end of it. 
After about an hour of deliberating I just bit the bullet, disassembled the Halloween side board I had decorated the day before, and set about moving three couches and the heaviest Moroccan daybed in existence. I am at my very strongest when I am determined to be right. 
I had posted a picture of the couch online (knowing full well that Paul would eventually see it) and waited. And waited...
He didn't call all day. Now I was fully aware that a divorce was most likely not going to happen. It did however occur to me that I may have set myself up for a lengthy discussion about my compulsive need to change things and my spur of the moment spending habits. Truth be told somedays I would almost take the divorce over that particular interaction. Happily none of that happened. He was just messing with me.
He loves the couch almost as much as I do. And now the kids and I have a place to snuggle and read, or lay down after a particularly large meal. Win!

The dining room before...

And now with reading / napping option...or perhaps one could eat laying down. The possibilities are really quite endless.

The view (which doesn't look like much) but is actually my favourite window in the house.

And introducing the new edition...8ft of awesome. 

Which happily works just as well as it's predecessor, but with much more panache.