Thursday, September 27, 2012

One Mans Junk...

Will eventually end up in my house freaking out my husband.

For the first year we lived in Orono I spent a considerable amount of time in antique shops, (this town has more than it's fair share). It's sort of like the Mandarin, but with other peoples stuff instead of bean salad and sushi. 
After the first year it slowed a bit. Our house was filling up and the thrill of finding hidden treasures had worn off. I was having a second hand hangover. 
I would find myself laying on the couch, surrounded by piles of random (sometimes weird) "treasures", in a full blown shame spiral. So, I took a break. I purged a lot of the "ohmygodthisissobizarreiloveit" items, and decided to make a conscious effort to be more juried re. what comes into my home.

These gems made the cut...

This amazing doctors bag...

I found these Ken and Barbie go Western doll set, and I was super stoked. 
I gave them to the kids and said "I am just going to grab my camera, hang on" 
(the boxes being my favourite part).  
The minute I left the room they ripped open the packages like it was their job. 

A rather odd choice of attire for a cowgirl (and she looks heavily medicated), but no judging here. 

Ken had obviously spent too long in his box, soon after emerging his pants basically exploded black flecks of paint everywhere. 
Shep was not impressed and soon went back monster truck smash up.

"Ken, I am your father"...

I saved my favourite for last. 
Finding Ziploc bags filled with these gems made my week.
I had no idea what they were, but others informed me of felt boards and Sunday school lessons. The nuns we hung out with wore knee length skirts and played acoustic guitar, I have no memory of this level of felty Holiness. 
Not sure what craftacular awesomness is going to happen, but this is gold. 
(And the best 10 bucks I ever spent - no regrets)!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Blog on Blog Lov'n...

Hey all, I was super happy to wake up this morning and find shots of our little house hanging out at the Marion House Book blog. Emma and family (brand spanking new baby included) came on out to take in the Orono Fair. It was a day that included great friends, an alarming amount of bacon, a smash up derby and deep fried butter. 
Food coma aside, a brilliant day.

I also happily guest posted on the Marion House Book last week about the 10 things I have (sorta) learned thus far being a Mama...some real pearls of wisdom there folks - check it out!  

I will leave you with some shots of the kids in their back to school finery. They started Sk this year and I was rather sad to see them head back (I love hanging out with these hooligans). I am now however drunk on freedom and possibilities. Hic.

Miss Georgia


Walking with Daddy.

Ready to rock SK...xo!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Lovely + For Sale...

This August I had the pleasure of touring a gorgeous house on Manitoulin Island that also just so happens to be for sale. 
I met the owner Silvio last summer while touring through an antique shop he'd set up in an old farmhouse I had once lived in. I went out of curiosity and stayed simply because he had an absolute perfect collection. Every piece was gorgeous. What I did not know until this summer was that all of those lovely things had come out of his very own house. He was not really an antique seller, he just had a lot of stuff. If I hadn't been certain that Paul would stroke out as a result, I would have bought it all.
When I heard he was selling his home I promptly asked if I could take a tour and shoot some pictures of it, he kindly agreed.

Light and airy with 11ft ceilings the place is dreamy. The interior work was designed and constructed by him, and it has been a labour of love. 

"When I originally purchased the property it was an unused carpentry shop where they had fabricated decorative wood trim and casing. There was even a drying kiln still set up in what is now the attached garage/workroom). The property retains its residential/commercial status and has three phase power. Both of these features open a world of possibilities such as an art gallery / studio / cafe etc".

"The tile flooring in the kitchen, entrance and bathroom is all natural linoleum. It is made from linseed oil and resins and has the colour all the way through, so any future chips or burns could be sanded out".

It is the most beautiful rich colours. Silvio's attention to detail is great. You will notice a small framed square hole near the floor, this of course leads to the entryway closet and it is for his kitty to have her own private powder room...

The ceilings are 11ft high, Silvio created these "windows" between the rooms to encourage air flow.

A small sink was installed near the dining room, perfect for entertaining...

The dining room with a beautiful sunroom attached...
(that would also make a lovely summer dining area).

Looking into the living room...

How cute is that light?!

The living room with a gorgeous fireplace. The material behind the fireplace and beneath is 12 gauge steel sheet metal (greatly surpasses non combustion requirements and helps to reflect radiant heat). It will also oxidize in a beautiful way.

King sized bed right next to the fireplace.

Loft overlooking the living area which also serves as another sleeping area. There is storage behind one of the doors, and another small bedroom behind the other.

Looking from the living area into the kitchen...

View overlooking surrounding farmland. 
The house sits on just under an acre of land.

It is indeed a sweet home. 
If you are interested in learning more please contact me and I will put you in touch with Silvio directly.
Best of luck to him on his next adventure...xo

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Knock Knock...

"Delivery Mama"...

"Oh Georgia you look lovely, are you a fairy princess bringing me cupcakes"?!

Glaring a hole in me..."No! I am the pizza delivery man".

"Oh, sorry. It is so obvious now that I look more closely"...xo